About Us

Whether you require a new website or are looking to improve an existing one, we’re confident our team will provide you with unsurpassed customer service and quality web solutions that meet your marketing goals.

Every business in today’s world ought to have a well-designed website. Technology keeps changing every other day and one needs to keep pace with it, whether you are a technology company or not. Having a website opens gates to a whole new world, borders disappear and the entire globe becomes a local market.

In this era of Information Technology, where the globe has shrunk like never before, new markets, untapped business areas, undreamt of opportunities are surfacing everyday. All one needs, is to be available at the right place, on the right time and ensure the right people are aware of your product…. your services. This is where the need of effective communication is felt.

However strong products or services one might offer, if there are not known or do not reach the right eyes & ears, their fate is sealed even before they can make any impression. This is where experts in communication come in play and This is exactly where Sapphire Infotech gets into action.

Why Social/Digital Media Marketing?

Have you ever noticed that people around you have started using social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp more? This shift in consumption of information by masses presents a great opportunity for businesses to market their products. Here are a few main reasons your business should have a Digital Marketing presence;

  1. There is a demographic shift. Digital and mobile media is the only way younger people consume and seek content. Your target audience/group is checking social media everyday
  2. It reaches a far wider audience more regularly than one off print media
  3. Online purchases have increased by over 1000% in the last 5 years
  4. Digital Media Marketing is affordable than other forms of online marketing like newspaper ads and hoardings
  5. Results can be tracked easily
  6. You have 24/7 access – your shop stays open even when your office does not.