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How to Write an Email for Marketing?

How to Write an Email for Marketing?

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How to Write an Email for Marketing?

1.Keep a Valid Subject Line : The subject line should be really short, like it should be under 50 characters as that is just to denote what the email is about. You should mention why are you sending the email and yes all this in 50 characters is how you create it. Following this the open rate of your emails can increase by 50%.

2.Visuals: You really need to add relevant visuals as that’s how you are going to go about it. Don’t be too loud or else people will just look at the images and not the content making it of no use for you. Also, the visuals should be related to the content and should portray what exactly you what to infuse and nothing else at all.

3.Content: This is the most important part, don’t beat around the bush. Be precise and to the point as relevancy is another very important factor. Content can make or break your email marketing, therefore it is very important to write good content for your email marketing.

4. CTA or Call to Action: Writing the Call to Action in the right way is very important. CTA is basically something that gets the reader to take action towards buying or purchasing your product or service. This should be placed right and in a particular manner wherein, it doesn’t looks promotional and the reader relates to it and would want to click on it for further information.

5.Mobile Optimization: It is really very important to optimize your emails according to the mobile format as more than 50% of the people check their emails on phone. So one needs to understand as to how important this could be.

6.Email Regularly: Your job is not done yet, you need to keep on emailing the users as to keep them in loop and to also lure them towards your services. This is going to make your life easier and you’ll be able to fetch a lot of leads on the basis of this.

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