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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Shirish Social Media Marketing


Business in today’s day and age is dominated by customers and their demands. People prefer to see referrals, reviews over Google search results, or a website before purchasing a product. To stand by the flow, we need to learn what people say about us. You need to actively participate in relevant communities to interact and influence masses. You need to engage with social media to manage your online reputation. Social media marketing is a must to target a wider customer base and expand your business.

Social Media Marketing is the activity of driving website traffic through social media sites.

What is Social Media?
Social Media is a platform that lets us participate in social networking. We can share our posts on various social media platforms to improve business visibility. Today it is the best source for news updates, marketing, education, and entertainment.

Importance of Social Media
The importance of social media is undebatable. It is a powerful channel of marketing — a game changer for any business. It provides us the flexibility to communicate at both personal as well as business levels.
Business owners can improve search rankings, leads, sales, and traffic using search media. This can be done at reduced marketing expenses. Besides business, it is a cool platform to connect with friends and dear ones.

SMO Strategy for Business
A wisely implemented Social Media Optimization (SMO) strategy can give a great boost to your business. To draw maximum benefit out of Social Media, you need to set clear and well-defined business goals and objectives.

The following points are the backbone of any well-laid SMO strategy:

  • Set measurable and achievable goals.
  • Know you customers.
  • Research over market and trends.
  • Explore more social networking platforms. Reflect your presence on all.
  • Choose core topics related to your business. Use them in content.
  • Set Social Engagement parameters.
  • Plan your resource use.
  • Track your results.

SMO – Key Concepts

  • Aim for building reputation by depicting yourself as a trusted source or business.
  • Encourage more engagement and sharing.
  • Be an authorized name in your industry.
  • Gear up originality.
  • Keep it social.
  • Master over your media platforms.
  • Optimize every single point that hinders your efforts.

Business Profile Creation
Create an impactful Business profile. Add a well-defined persona and proficiency statement of your business.

  • Study competitors’ business profile, analyze their strong points, and add them to yours.
  • Add prominent features of your business that makes it stand out among others.
  • Include the milestones achieved by your company.
  • Add address and other details.
  • Include data and statistics.
  • List your renowned vendors.
  • Add some keywords to it to get noticed by the web crawler.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a degree to which your brand name is known. Brand name solidifies customers’ trust. So, it is important that your brand name overshadows your products. Promoting the brand name helps your business grow and get over obsolete business state.

Social Media Marketing can help you in branding your business. It helps you increase your public profile as well. All you need is to

  • Choose right Social Media Channel for your business.
  • Finalize a social content strategy.
  • Make a strong content strategy.
  • Participate in good conversation with your customers to let them feel more connected.
  • Keep track of all key metrics like potential reach, conversation share, links, etc.

Social Engagement
Social Media Engagement is the process of reaching out to potential customers and interacting with them through Social Media. It is primarily done in order to

draw attention towards a particular product or a service. It is a two-way channel where a consumer can share a good relationship with the vendors.
To achieve optimum reach, you need to engage with your audience. It can be a relentless task. To grab more out of less, you need to strategize your social media engagement norms.

  • Use ‘Social Channels’ to reach out fans.
  • Use Social Media platforms to announce any event you are organizing.
  • Entertain Posts your audience is posting.
  • Use Social Media Circles to participate in valuable and educational conversations.
  • Participate in Social Media groups.
    Measure your engagement level to trace your engagement efforts. It is basically a ratio between the social platforms that you use and the social platforms that you don’t use to engage. The higher is the level, the stronger is your bonding with the audience.

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